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Cayman Islands business directory.
The most complete business directory to ALL businesses and companies in the Cayman Islands - a world famous offshore financial and Caribbean island tourism destination.


Cayman Islands area code - (345)

Financial Consultants


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  Alternative Investment Solutions Ltd 946-2475 946-2473
  Atlantic Financial Services Ltd 949-0766  
  Bronte Development Ltd 746-2775  
  Capital Markets Financial Services Ltd 947-2031 947-9487
  Deloitte 949-6576 949-8238
  EisnerAmper (Cayman) Ltd 945-5889 945-5907
  Grant Thornton Specialist Services (Cayman) Ltd 949-7100 949-7120
  KRyS Global 815-8439 946-6728
  PKF (Cayman) Ltd 945-5889 945-5907
  Strategic Financial Solutions Ltd 943-5500 949-7120

Financial Services

  Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 949-7089 945-6131
  Cayman National Corp 949-8300  
  Citco Bank & Trust Co Ltd 945-3977 945-3888
  Financial Integrated Services Ltd 949-6740 949-6403
  HSBC Bank (Cayman) Ltd 949-7755 949-7634
  Offshore Financial Solutions Ltd 945-8047 949-0697
  OneTRADEx Ltd 1-800-381-1026 943-3212
  Prairie Wind Advisors 925-9639  
  Royal Bank of Canada Trust Co (Cayman) Ltd 949-9107 949-5777

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