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The most complete business directory to ALL businesses and companies in the Cayman Islands - a world famous offshore financial and Caribbean island tourism destination.


Cayman Islands area code - (345)

Construction Cost Consultants



  B C Q S Ltd 949-8644 949-7184
  Bould Paterson Ltd 946-6063 946-6073
  Build (Cayman) Limited 949-0471 946-3769
  Colin G Wilson 323-0300  
  Deloitte Property Consulting 949-5503 949-7520
  Ironshore Contractor 547-5776  
  J E C Property Consultants Ltd 945-5930 945-5921

Construction Equipment & Materials Suppliers

  Atlantic Supply Ltd 949-0333 949-7233
  Complete Construction & Maintenance 945-8781 945-2261
  Emergency Signals & Supplies 945-6281 945-6281
  Hilti Tools 769-4458 769-5886
  Massive Equipment Rental & Sales Ltd 949-7990 949-7074

Construction Rental Equipment

  A I Rentals 946-4935 946-1497
  Cayman Parts & Equipment 926-3780 945-7512
  Construction Equipment Services Ltd 949-7254 949-7837
  Great Rentals 945-5374  
  Island Paving (Equipment) Ltd 949-8294 949-8104
  Massive Equipment Rental and Sales Ltd 949-7990 949-7074
  Waste Watchers 928-LOAD 746-3114

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