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Cayman Islands business directory.
The most complete business directory to ALL businesses and companies in the Cayman Islands - a world famous offshore financial and Caribbean island tourism destination.


Cayman Islands area code - (345)



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 Agape Family Worship Centre949-2539945-0645
 All Nations United Pentecostal949-9533949-9533
 Anglican Church949-2757949-2757
 Anglican Episcopal Church949-5583 
 Assemblies of God945-2182945-6633
 Baha'i Faith945-5093 
 Bodden Town United Church947-3070 
 Calvary Baptist Church949-0629945-6602
 Catholic Church - St. Ignatius949-6797 
 C.I. Seventh Day Adventist945-5297 
 Christ the Redeemer R.C. Church949=7390 
 Church of Christ (Batabano Rd)946-9294 
 Church of Christ (George Town)949-5785 
 Church of England St. Alban's949-2757949-2757
 Church of God (Bodden Town)947-2281 
 Church of God Full Gospel Hall949-2503 
 Church of God (Holiness)947-8703 
 Church of God in the C.I.946-3480946-3482
 Church of God of Prophecy949-9497 
 Church of God (Universal)947-7451 
 St George's Anglican (Episcopal)949-5583 
  East End United Church 947-7618 947-7618
 Elmslie United Church 949-7923 949-1723
 Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre947-0710946-7363
 First Assembly of God945-2182945-6633
 First Baptist Church949-0692945-5758
 First Church of the Open Bible947-1786 
 Frank Sound Church of God947-3691 
 Good News Baptist Church949-6711 
  George Hicks Memorial 949-7923 949-1723
  Gun Bay United Church 947-7618 947-7618
 Jehovah's Witnesses949-7114 
 John Gray Memorial Church 949-1378.949-3306
 King's Seventh-Day Adventist Church945-8189 
  Lord's Church at West Bay949-1802949-1802
 New Testament Church of God 947-6729 cel: 916-4598
 Open Door Christian Church947-6618 
 Pilgrim Holiness Church947-2259 
 Power of Faith Deliverance Ministry949-1516 
 Presbyterian Church (Boatswains Bay)949-3696949-3775
 Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints949-9285 
  Robert Young Memorial 949-7923 949-1723
  Savannah United Church 947-6071 947-6433
 Seventh Day Adventist Mission (Walkers Rd)949-2647949-6167
 Seventh Day Adventist (Cayman Brac)948-0450 
 Seventh Day Adventist Mission (Cayman Brac Parsonage)948-0450 
 Seventh Day Adventist Mission (Bodden Town)947-3145 
 Seventh Day Adventist Mission (East End)947-7676 
 Seventh Day Adventist Mission (Savannah)947-6077 
 Seventh Day Adventist Mission (George Town)949-9713 
 Seventh Day Adventist Mission (West bay949-1855 
 Seventh Day Adventist Mission (Northside)947-9661 
 St. George's Anglican Church Hall946-3152 
 St. Ignatius Catholic Church945-2594 
 Stake Bay Baptist Church948-2647 
 Latter Day Saints947-8541 
 Power of Faith Deliverance Ministry945-7423 
 United Church (Council Office)947-1963947-1615
 United Church (George Town)949-7923949-1723
 United Church (Bodden Town)947-3070947-3070
 United Church (East End)947-7618947-7618
 United Church (Gun Bay)947-7739 
 United Church (Northside)947-9456 
 United Church (Savannah)947-6071947-6433
 United Church (West Bay)949-1378949-1850
 United Church (Prospect Youth Centre)947-1963 947-1615
  United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands 947-1963 947-1615
  Webster Memorial United Church 947-3070 947-3070
  Wesleyan Holiness Church 949-3394 949-1762
  William Pouchie Memorial United Church 947-3070 947-6655

Cayman Brac & Little Cayman
 Cotten Tree Church of God948-2552 
 Creek Seventh Day Adventist948-0454 
 Crossroad United Baptist Church948-1668 
 Ebenezer Baptist Church948-0260 
 Hillside Chapel (Baptist)948-2280 
  Stake Bay Baptist Church 948-2647  
  Stella Maris (Cayman Brac) 949-6797  

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