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Cayman Islands business directory.
The most complete business directory to ALL businesses and companies in the Cayman Islands - a world famous offshore financial and Caribbean island tourism destination.


Cayman Islands area code - (345)

Clubs, Associations, Foundations, Societies - Volunteer/Non-profit Organizations



  Alcoholics Anonymous 926-9044  
  Big Brothers/Big Sisters 945-6315 945-6317
  Breast Cancer Foundation 949-4822  
  Business & Professional Women's Club 945-8044  
  Cayman Against Substance Abuse 949-0645 945-2307
  Cayman Drama Society 949-5054  
  Cayman Hospice Care 945-7447 946-2183
  Cayman Islands Angling Club 945-3131  
  Cayman Islands Cancer Society 949-7618 949-8694
  Cayman Islands Divers 949-6466  
  Cayman Islands Football Association 949-5775 845-7673
  C.I. International Fishing Tournament 945-3131  
  Cayman Islands Red Cross 949-6785 945-4813
  Cayman Islands Sailing Club 947-7913  
  Cayman Islands Scout Association 945-6988  
  Cayman Islands Seafarers Association 949-7378 947-1377
  Cayman Islands Special Olympics 946-7624 949-7473
  Cayman Islands Tennis Club 949-9464 949-8684
  Cayman Islands Tourism Association 949-8522 949-0220
  Cayman Red Cross (Disaster Enquiries) 945-1717  
  Cayman Rugby Football Union 949-7960  
  Cayman Squash Club 949-9469  
  Cayman Wildlife Connection 947-2248 947-2380
  Decompression Chamber (CI Hospital) 949-2989 949-0685
  Humane Society 949-1461  
  Jack & Jill Nursery 949-5794 945-8180
  Kiwanis Club of Grand Cayman 945-8000  
  Lion's Centre 949-7211  
  Lion's Club of Grand Cayman 945-4667  
  Lion's Club of Tropical Gardens 927-0466  
  National Council of Voluntary Organizations 949-2124 949-6779
  National Trust for the Cayman Islands 949-0121 949-7494
  The Pines Non-Profit Retirement Home 949-5650  
  Pirates Week Committee 949-5078 949-5449
  The Prospect Playhouse 949-5054  
  Rotary Club Central 949-8198 949-7017
  Rotary Club of Grand Cayman 949-0488 949-0364
  Rotary Sunrise Grand Cayman    
  Visual Arts Society 949-6479  
  Weight Watchers 949-5899 947-8772

Cayman Brac & Little Cayman
  Lion's Club of Cayman Brac    
  Sister Islands Community Care Assn 948-2345  
  Sister Islands Red Cross (Cayman Brac) 948-2342 948-2466
  Veterans & Seaman Society of CB & LC 948-0400  

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