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 Dr. Cecily Abraham (Paediatrician)945-7050949-7855
 Dr. John Addleson945-2881949-4341
  Dr. Brian D. Backman 946-3324  
  Baptist Health International Cayman Islands 749-3304 749-3305
 Dr Joseph Barefoot (Echocardiography) 949-9412.943-9412
  Dr. Dirk Belfonte 326-5741 946-2624
  Dr. C. A. Borroto 949-6040  
 Dr. Lloyd Carlsen (Plastic Surgeon)949-5968949-6574
  Dr. Quartly Caroline 945-5747  
  Dr. E. Claude Caudeiron (OB/Gyn)949-9090 
 Cayman Clinic 949-7400945-5828
  Cayman Hearing Centre 925-5836  
  Cayman Institute of Health Sciences (CIHS) 926-0597 769-5650
  Cayman Orthopaedic Group: 945-8380.945-8405
  - Dr. Pervez Ali  
  - Dr. Stuart Bailey  
  - Dr. Russ Crider  
  - Dr. Rick Ogilvie  
 - Dr. Steve Richie  
 - Dr. Vir Sennik  
 - Dr. Frank Smith  
  Dr. Clarence Charles (Internist) 949-6066 945-1695
  ChiroSpa Clinic - Dr Robert Bouliane 947-2772 946-2772
 Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital949-6066945-1695
  Dr. Louis Cona (General) 945-7077 945-3153
 Dr. Robert Crichlow (Eye)949-2320949-2130
 Dr. Shirley Cridland (Paediatrician)949-5225945-1066
 Dr. S. De Alwis (OB/Gyn)949-6066945-0161
  Dr. Tanja Ebanks (General Surgeon) 946-0067 946-0068
  Dr. Rommel El-Madany (OBGYN) 946-2496 946-4329
  Dr. Marli Ellis (Family Practice) 945-2881 949-4341
  Dr. Christoffersen Else (Family Medicine) 949-7400 949-9045
  Dr. Richens Enoka (General Practice) 949-5600 949-5601
  Dr. Eddie Fernandez (Chiropractor) 945-1988 945-6993
  Dr. Eugene Foley (Opthamology) 946-4944  
 Dr. Fiona Foster949-8086 949-5861
  Dr. Hendriks Frits 949-4309 949-7543
 Dr. F. R. Glatz (ENT)945-3822945-3822
  Dr. A. Glidden (Family Medicine) 925-7027  
  Dr. Eugenie Granger (Family Medicine) 949-7400 949-9045
  Dr. Darren Judson Hatchard 949-3937 949-3915
 Dr. Michael Hetley949-7400945-5828
  Dr. Virginia Hobday 949-7400 949-9045
  Island Chiropractic and Wellness Centre 945-1988945-6993
 Island Medical Centre949-7535949-8920
 Dr. Victor Lookloy949-7535 
  Dr. L. M. Malcolm 949-2035  
 Dr. Krishna Mani (Opthalmologist)945-1565949-3915
 Dr. Joseph Marzouca949-6631949-6826
  Dr. Sanjib Mohanty 949-8969 
 Dr. David Olysav (Orthopaedic Surgeon)949-8150949-7855
 Dr. S. J. Pickering (Internist)949-4309949-7543
  Dr. Ruthlyn Pomares    
  Dr. Wayne Porter (Dermatology) 946-9020 946-9020
  Premier Medical Care 945-2273 945-8553
  Professional Medical Centre - Jetrik Bldg 947-5189 949-1066
  Professional Medical Centre - The Strand 945-7077 945-3153
  Rapha Imaging & Medical Services (RIMS) 943-5676 945-5650
 Dr. Charles H. Reid (General - Cayman Brac)948-1777948-1777
 Dr. G. N. Richmond-Peck (OB/Gyn)945-7044949-7855
 Dr. Barry Richter (OB/Gyn)946-3424946-3426
  Dr. Jennifer Royer Thompson 946-2225 945-5828
  Savannah Medical Clinic & Pharmacy 749-6066 749-6067
  Sedanos Clinic 946-8104 946-8838
  Seven Mile Surgery Centre 943-7672 943-7673
  Dr. Gordon J. Smith (Paediatrician) 949-2970 946-2768
  Dr. Fritz Steyn (Family Practice) 946-3360  
  The Strand Medical Centre 945-7077 945-3153
  Dr. Tamer Tadros 943-7672 943-7673
  The Brac Clinic 948-1777 948-1777
 Dr. S. A. Tomlinson949-6066 
  Trincay Medical Services 943-4633 943-4634
  - Dr. Bolea (Psychiatrist)    
  - Dr. Rebeca de Miguel (Dermatologist, Venereologist)    
  - Dr. Howard Deosaran (Obstetrician, Gynaecologist)    
  - Dr. Frits Hendriks (Internist, Nephrologist)    
  - Dr. Joanna Kregiel-Zwierzchowska (Cardiologist)    
  - Dr. Rafael Krupiniewiccz (Urologist)    
  - Dr. Francisco Martinez Saborido (Emergency Doctor)    
  - Dr. James Robertson (Paediatrician)    
  - Dr. Monika Schwarz (Neurologist)    
  - Dr. Carlos Sedano (Plastic Surgeon)    
  - Prof. Howard W. Spenser (CardioThoracic Surgeon)    
  - Dr. J Wejbora (Anaesthesiologist)    
  Dr. Douglas Van Putten 945-7588 949-3608
 Dr. Mel Vance945-1988945-6993
  Dr. Sook Lee Yin (General) 949-5600 949-5601

Natural Health Practitioners

  Kanarak Violetta L AC (Acupuncture) 946-4420 949-9045
  Varghese Zenitha (Homeopath) 949-3352  

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