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Cayman Islands area code - (345)

Scuba Diving, Stingray City

For the best diving in Grand Cayman and the Cayman Islands plus Stingray City tour trips and other adventures, contact the Diving and tour companies in our list.


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  Abanks Diving 945-1444 945-3319
  Advanced Diving School 949-0208  
  Ambassador Divers Ltd 916-1064  
  Aqua Adventures 949-1616 949-1616
  Aquanauts Diving 945-1990 945-1991
  Atlantis Submarine 949-7700  
  Beach Club Hotel & Dive Resort 949-8100  
  Bob Soto's Diving Ltd 949-2871 949-8731
  Cayman Aggressor Ltd 949-5551  
  Cayman Diver Ltd 946-4386  
  Cayman Diving Lodge 947-7555  
  Cayman Diving School 949-4729 946-4729
  Cayman Marine Laboratory 945-5586 945-5586
  Dive Cayman Ltd 945-5770  
  Dive Inn Ltd 949-0321  
  Dive 'N Stuff 947-2822  
  Dive Time Ltd 947-2339  
  Divers Down 945-1611 945-1611
  Divers Supply 949-7621  
  Divetech 949-1700  
  Don Foster's Dive Cayman Ltd 949-5679 945-5133
  Eden Rock Diving Center Ltd 949-7243  
  Fisheye Diving Photography & Video 945-4209 945-4208
  Miller Ollen Sundivers 947-6606  
  Neptunes Divers 945-3990 949-6444
  Ocean Frontiers Ltd 947-7500  
  Off the Wall Divers 945-7525  
  Peter Milburn's Dive Cayman Ltd 945-5770  
  Quabo Dive Cayman 945-4769  
  Red Baron Charters 949-9116  
  Red Sail Sports 949-8745  
  Rivers Sport Divers Ltd 949-1181  
  Seasports 949-3965  
  Seven Mile Watersports 949-0332  
  Sunset Divers Located at Sunset House 949-7111  
  Tortuga Divers Ltd 947-2097  
  Treasure Island Divers 949-4456  
  Turtle Reef Divers 949-1700  

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman
  Bluewater Divers Ltd 948-0032  
  Brac Aquatics Dive Shop Ltd 948-1429  
  Brac Reef Beach Resort 948-1323  
  Conch Club Divers 948-1026  
  Paradise Divers Ltd 948-0001 948-0002
  Reef Divers at Brac Reef Beach Resort 948-1642  
  Reef Divers at Little Cayman Beach Resort 948-1033  
  Reef Divers 2 948-1642  
  Southern Cross Club Diving and Fishing Resort 948-1099  

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